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The actual installation takes mere seconds to complete and start monitoring! No user interaction is needed during the Stealth Edition installation process.

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Only a single installation confirmation prompt is displayed when the install is started. Once accepted, the installation only takes a few seconds to complete - the installation is completely invisible to the user once the install is accepted. The Stealth Edition installer is able to be emailed to your remote PC's - where the remote user of your computer can download and run the installer to immediately install SpyAgent and start monitoring.

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Once the install is complete SpyAgent will be monitoring in stealth mode automatically. You still, however, have to access the PC physically to view the activity logs SpyAgent records.

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The Stealth Edition installer installs and executes the SpyAgent software in complete stealth. All you have to do is run the installer once, and SpyAgent will be monitoring your PC in total stealth! SpyAgent's logging capabilities are unmatched. SpyAgent can log anything from what the user types, to the files they printed and programs they ran - all time stamped by date for easy viewing. All logs are easily saved and exported for later use.

How To Install Flexispy Without the Target Device

SpyAgent has a large array of security and stealth features. SpyAgent is undetectable under all Windows versions it does not even show up in the task manager on any Windows bit platform and can circumvent popular third-party "spyware" detectors.

SpyAgent has powerful lockdown and logging scheduling features, log file encryption, optional startup warnings, and much more. SpyAgent Stealth will not appear in the Windows task manager - the user will not know anything out of the ordinary is running! Keylogger hardware can store up to 64KB data, while spy software allows you store up to xx GB data as long as your hard disk has enough free space.

But spy software only support Windows system, while hardware spy can work fine regardless of operating system at all! Fortunately our spy product only engross very little resource and users can hardly feel it.

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Normally spy software need to be installed under a Windows Administrator account to have full permission to function correctly, while keylogger hardware does not need this at all! In conclusion, both of them have strongpoints and disadvantages simultaneously. You'd better take all things into consideration carefully before making the choice. It will automatically lead users to download the latest regcode for free, and allows users of "SpyAnytime PC Spy" to upgrade with great discount.

Fully Compitable with Windows 7, 8 and 10!

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Remote Spy is our award-winning remotely deployable spy software which allows you to monitor your computer from ANY location through the Internet - regardless of whether the target remote computer is online or offline! It could be installed on a remote PC through an email attachment, no physical installation is needed, and you can remotely uninstall it VERY easily - just need a single click in your console!

All logs are password protected and securely stored on our server for your eyes only, so you do NOT need to wait for the remote machine to sign-on to retrieve its IP address to monitor it!