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Part 1. Top 5 Free Android Spy Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse

It does all that you wish to do and get the best results without disclosing any of your plans. Several spy apps are useful in knowing the plans of a cheated person to be it your spouse or anyone else. The tracking methods they use are made of secure algorithms where the target is kept unknown about spying. Anyone who wants to make their life simpler and get rid of misunderstandings and cheating in relationships can take help of spy apps.

To be an effective spy or spying you need a perfect spy partner, in short, you need a spy app. FreePhoneSpy is a right partner in such a situation when you cannot trust your spouse. Rely on this amazing application and reveal the truth.

10 Free Cheating Spouse App for Android

Before you go and get the app, let us make you understand what the software all about is and how it works. Prior knowledge of software will make you analyze the possible outcomes and feature that you can expect from it. FreePhoneSpy is a free and monitoring software which comes with some of the best features of the market. It has perfect tracking features that are necessary to take such an essential step of spying against your partner. Any software is incomplete and worthless without powerful features.

Track my phone has all a spying person needs. It gives the best service support to the customers making them do spying easier and faster. FoneMonitor is the most widely used and trusted iPhone and Android spy apps for cheating spouses. Its success is basically due to the support that it provides for most of the popular social media websites and apps.

The purpose is to provide the concerned partner with a one-stop solution for monitoring. It is easy to use and the user of the target phone never realizes that their activities are being tracked. FoneMonitor supports Android devices, iPhone and iPad. Spyzie comes second on our list of best Android spy apps for cheating spouses. This app provides all the necessary services such as access to calls and messages, Facebook, Whatsapp, browser history, etc. Spyzie comes compatible with Android phones and iPhones.

This app allows its users to track their spouse, family members, and kids. With the free version of the app, the users can track the location for the last 24 hours. The paid version can expand the time limit to 72 hours. This app.

cheating spouse apps for android

The app is available on iTunes. Phone Tracker For iPhones is compatible with iPhones only. And so, I am using it currently for my monitoring needs. It allows you to gather information from the target phone just like every other spy app. But what makes it really special is that it can also extract deleted files and messages quite easily. The question is, should you hire an investigator to spy on your spouse whom you suspect is cheating?

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Doing it yourself can have a significant effect on your health, and can leave you in denial. While others will rather do the investigation themselves as hiring an investigator can be very expensive and taxing. Global Positioning Systems is a way of tracking a device remotely from your pc or laptop.

These devices are commonly attached to cars, but recent cellphone spies are so advanced that they have added this functionality to their software.

Google Maps even allow you to view webcams located in those areas, and get the complete directions to get to that area, from a chosen area of origin your home for example. The most solid way of busting the lies told to you by your spouse. Again, this should never be used to track a car that you do not own.

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  5. It is illegal to GPS track anything but your own property. Have you ever heard of these? These are programs which you install on your cellphones and have it collect data for you. That data is then sent to a server via the internet which you can access through your home computer or laptop. After manual installation on your phone, you can then leave these cell phone spies alone and just remotely access the data.

    How to Catch your Spouse Cheating - with an Iphone

    Most of these work for all the latest mobile phones and the quality ones are always made to be undetectable. Very affordable, very effective. A top pick for catching a spouse who always has a mobile phone handy. We will not be talking about remotely activated mobile phones, those are costly and should not be recommended to anyone who is not a professional spy. What we will talk about are cellphone spies that have text monitoring services as well as GPS trackers.

    Finding out your significant other is cheating on you is extremely hard. Even though its a traumatizing experience, its important to be calm and not jump into conclusions until you are sure and have gotten all the facts that your spouse is truly cheating on you. When your spouse cheats on you, do not project the blame on yourself.

    Methods and ways to catch a lying cheating spouse

    We are all adults and should be solely responsible for our actions. You can seek professional help or talk with closest family and friends that can help you get through it. Signs of a Cheating Spouse.